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Florida Keys Holidays

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South of Miami a total of 1,700 petite islands linked by a road system make up the Florida Keys. Glorious coral reefs, green waters, and playful dolphins are just some of the highlights in the Keys. Amongst all the islands Key Largo in the north and Key West in the south are the most popular resorts.

Main Attractions

  • Coral reefs
  • Island hopping
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Seafood restaurants
  • A culture of arts

The beaches of the Florida Keys are naturally protected by coral reefs. The Middle Keys in particular have immaculate sandy beaches, but the waters of the Gulf of Mexico are even more impressive, thriving with marine life. This is why the Keys are America’s number one diving and snorkelling location, characterised by their visually stunning underwater paradise. If exploring the waters from the comfort of a boat is more desirable then this is a great mode of transport to explore isolated islands, or for a spot of fishing with the family.

Things to do
There are endless amounts of things to do in the Keys, the vast majority of which is family friendly. Swimming with dolphins at the Dolphin Research Centre in Grassy Key is the most popular attraction. Paddle surfing is another popular pastime; founded in Hawaii centuries ago but has now become a part of the Florida Keys culture. The Keys are renowned for its health and spa services that are a recurring theme along the entirety of the islands. When staying in Key Largo, Kiki’s Spa is a relaxing retreat, or in Key West, Spa Terre is equally as tranquil.   

Arts and Culture
Cultural tourism in the Florida Keys is a fundamental aspect that attracts tourists to the area. Dance, festivals, galleries, museums, and literature can be found everywhere you look. The ‘Nutcracker Key West’ combines international professional dancers and local amateur dancers in a master class of ballet that has been running for 35 years. The Morada Way Arts and Culture District showcases galleries of local artwork to maintain its rich arts and culture heritage. Museums such as the Ernest Hemingway Home are an enticing experience, and for nature visit the Tropical Gardens.  

Restaurants & Nightlife
The natural surroundings of the Gulf of Mexico provide the fresh seafood ingredients which are a main feature at many of the restaurants in the area. Floridian lobster, tuna, and shrimp feature in numerous dishes. Festivals and a vibrant music culture account for excellent nightlife that can be enjoyed with the family, or for couples. Exotic beverages such as rum are imported from nearby Cuba and the Caribbean, served in an array of quirky bars in West Key and Key Largo.     

Surrounding Area
The North of the Florida Keys and Key Largo are close to Miami, and it’s definitely worth venturing out into the largest of the Florida cities, characterised by its Cuban influence, shopping, and excellent restaurants. For family fun in Key West the uninhabited sand spits and islands of Tortugas National Park is a paradise playground waiting to be explored. Chartered flights over the area are available for a glimpse of sharks, stingrays, and gigantic turtles, as well as the occasional sunken ship.       

Useful Information
-      Key West International Airport is the largest airport in the Florida Keys
-      Cycling is a popular mode of transport
-      There are no franchise restaurants or chain stores   

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