With a tagline “awesome awaits” you’ll be forgiven for being overly excited for LEGOLAND Florida. But the excitement is fully justified because LEGOLAND Florida lives up to its brickacular reputation by giving guests an experience to knock their socks off. With spectacular rides, great food and thrilling attractions all with that loveable LEGO spin, you and your family will have the time of your lives. At LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park and Florida Water Park, there’s more than 50 rides, shows and attractions where young kids and adults alike can run wild all to their hearts content.

  • Drive around LEGO City
  • Indulge your creative side with ‘Pick a Brick’
  • See a spectacular LEGO Kennedy Space Centre
  • Explore LEGO Star Wars Miniland
  • Ride the DUPLO® Train
  • Come face-to-face with LEGO animals along the Safari Trek
  • Unleash your creativity at Imagination Zone
LEGOLAND Florida 1 Day Ticket from £53 from £50
LEGOLAND Florida 1 Day Water Park Combo Ticket from £66 from £63
  • LEGOLAND Florida 1 Day Ticket
    Enjoy a full day's admission to LEGOLAND Florida, a 150-acre interactive theme park dedicated to families with children between the ages of 2 and 12. With more than 50 rides, shows and attractions LEGOLAND is geared towards family fun.
  • LEGOLAND Florida 1 Day Water Park Combo Ticket
    Get same day admission to LEGOLAND® Florida Water Park as well as LEGOLAND® Florida itself. LEGOLAND® Florida Water Park features a host of LEGO-themed slides, attractions and play areas.
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Fun for the whole family

Built with families and young children in mind, LEGOLAND Florida is the perfect attraction for families to not only build bricks, but memories as well. From the moment you set foot in the grounds, you’re transported to a giant, colourful, LEGO filled world with interactive shows catered to family audiences and engaging attractions that adults and children can enjoy together. Shows are the real family favourite and you’ll be pleased to know there’s a brick-load on offer including Pirates’ Cove Live Water Sky Show, Wells Fargo 4D Theatre and the fabulous Friends to the Rescue Live Stage Show.

Mini-brick thrills

As you’d expect everything you can see and touch has been given the LEGO treatment, giving real life worlds a fun and playful feel. From a miniature version of the Kennedy Space Centre to the out-of-this-world LEGO Star Wars Miniland, you’ll be awestruck at the level of detail on show. You’ll not only find real world places have been given the LEGO treatment but other things you wouldn’t dream possible! Including LEGO City – where kids aged 6 to 13 can get their official LEGOLAND driver’s license in an authentic driving experience. And then there’s Safari Trek – a LEGO style safari complete with a variety of beautifully designed LEGO animals that will give you a true African Safari experience.

Let the little ones take control

It’s always nice to know there’s a safe and friendly place where your little ones can let loose and really have a great time. LEGOLAND Florida puts the children in control and lets them make friends in the best of places. Like Build & Test for example –where you can build and test your own LEGO car against others on a digitally timed track. Then there’s the Creation Zone – a place where you can design, build and decorate anything that springs to mind using iconic LEGO brick. Most of the attractions at Imagination Zone are built with the goal to engage thought and creativity, letting your children take control of their imagination and turning it into something great!

Island in the Sky

Island in the Sky is a 150-foot rotating platform that gives you thrilling 360-degree views of the entire LEGOLAND Florida Resort. If you don’t mind heights, this is the perfect ride for you! Starting with a gentle ascent up 150-feet you’ll be rotated around and around as soon as you reach the top. You won’t go fast enough to get dizzy, but this serves as the perfect start to your LEGO adventure and to get you prepared for the rides to come.

The Dragon

Described by many as a hybrid of dark ride meets family roller coaster, The Dragon is one of LEGOLAND Florida’s most iconic attractions and one that continues to thrill and thrill. Head over to LEGO Kingdoms for your chance to experience this exhilarating attraction. Not only do you get a behind-the-scenes view of life within the LEGOLAND castle, you’ll be whizzed indoors and out through turns and dips all while sitting atop a big green dragon…it doesn’t get much cooler than that does it?

Boating School

Who said you’re too young to captain your own ship? LEGO says you can be at any age! Turn your little one into a captain of the seas thanks to Boating School and watch as they take control of their very own sea vessel! Each boat is equipped with both a gas pedal and a steering wheel, giving the feeling of complete control and the boats themselves are obviously LEGO themed – making them even more fun to be in. Feel like your right in one of the scenes from LEGO City as you encounter many sea-faring LEGO characters along your route and don’t miss the chance to conquer the LEGO seas!

DUPLO® Train

Found in DUPLO® Valley, the DUPLO® Train is great for tiny tots. Toddlers can board a train both alone or with their parents, and explore countryside-themed scenery through farms, fishing holes and campgrounds’. It’s sure to leave them with a smile on their face, and yours! This is a great way for your little one to find their next adventure and a great way for the whole family to have a little rest before its onto something else! 


Coastersaurus takes it back to the prehistoric ages with a ride that’s sure to send a roar through your body, thanks to epic dips, thrilling turns and a prehistoric jungle of animated LEGO brick dinosaurs just waiting to be explored. Don’t let the wooden exterior fool you, what it lacks in looks it makes up for in thrills! Some say the wooden coaster gives them more of a chill because of the scary creeks! You’ll also love spotting the LEGO dinosaurs along the way with everything from stegosauruses to Velociraptors! So if you love Jurassic Park or have a dino-enthusast in your family, be sure to give this a go.

Kid Power Towers

Just when you think Duplo village couldn’t get any better, it can! Introducing the iconic Kid Power Towers, a ride so popular you wouldn’t believe it if I told you. Jam-packed with heaps of fun to be had, Kid Power Towers boasts a simple concept with brilliant results. All you have to do is pull yourself up the tower, using the rope that is suspended in front of you with your partner! Where’s the fun in that? You’re thinking. Well, once you reach the top, there’s only one way down! It’s up to one of you to let go of the rope and feel the drop as you make your way back to the bottom! Are you brave enough?

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