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10 Reasons Why Key West is Close to Perfection

  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 08 August 2016
  • Revised 20 June 2017
10 Reasons Why Key West is Close to Perfection
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 08 August 2016
  • Revised 20 June 2017
10 Reasons Why Key West is Close to Perfection
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 08 August 2016
  • Revised 20 June 2017
Perfection? Theres no such thing right? Key West says otherwise. Heres 10 reasons why Key West is the closest to perfection a destination can come.

  1. The Snorkeling

Snorkeling - Key West

With crystal clear waters and incredible wildlife to match, snorkeling in Key West is a joy. With dozens of places to rent equipment from and an endless stream of reefs to explore, this should be top of your list when you visit.

2. The Watersports

watersports - Key West

Because when has watersports ever been anything but fun? Whatever your preference, youll find it here. Take control of a Jetski and skim across the Key West waters to your hearts content or grab a paddle board and soak in the wonderful surroundings.

3. The Culture

culture - Key West

Appealing to every type of traveler, Key West offers a varied cultural menu. The islands creative community is both vibrant and varied meaning youll easily find something to get involved in, from dance performances to festivals, experience it all.

4. The Sunsets

sunset - key West

The sunsets at Key West have to be seen to be believed. Theyre so good, theres even a celebration called the Sunset Celebration - a nightly arts festival at Mallory Square Dock. Forget what you think you know about jaw-dropping sights, you havent seen anything yet.

5. The Entertainment - Tropic Cinema

tropic cinema - Key West

Dont dismiss this as just another cinema Tropic Cinema is South Floridas only nonprofit, independent film multiplex and one of the best places in the world to grab a viewing of a classic film. Celebrating Key West as a haven for modern art, get ready to capture the true spirit of film.

6. The Food

Blueheaven - key West

If youre a foodie, youve come to the right place. No doubt about it, Key West has a lot going on with food and drink. There are at least 240 different restaurant establishments all boasting fresh, local ingredients and out-of-this-world flavours. Dont forget to try a slice of key lime pie...its famous!

7. The Fishing

Fishing - Key West

No other location on the planet offers as many options for sport fishing than Key West. From the crystal clear waters offshore to the natural reefs in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, youll find hundreds of species to catch.

8. The Sights

Dry Tortugas - Key West

Key West has just as many things to see as anywhere else in Florida. With picturesque views at every turn and photo opportunities everywhere you walk, youll find something new to fall in love with every day. Make sure to visit Dry Tortugas  National Park...you wont regret it.

9. The Beaches

Beaches - Key West

Imagine palm trees swaying in the wind, untouched golden sand by your feet and crystal clear waters as far as the eye can see. At Key West, you dont have to imagine, its right there in front of you. Mostly man-made, all the beaches in Key West are perfect in every way.

10. The History

Ernest Hemingway House - Key West

Steeped in history, Key West has a little more going on under the surface. Theres a wealth of history for you to explore and discover. Our favourite place to go is the Ernest Hemingway Home, allowing you to step back in time to a prolific period in the authors career.

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