You Just Cant Miss These Broadway Musicals!

  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 29 June 2018
  • Revised 29 June 2018
You Just Cant Miss These Broadway Musicals!
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 29 June 2018
  • Revised 29 June 2018
You Just Cant Miss These Broadway Musicals!
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 29 June 2018
  • Revised 29 June 2018
Broadway made a name for itself a long time ago for hosting phenomenal stage shows. The first theatre was recorded to have opened in 1750, showcasing Shakespear’s timeless plays. Since then, this New York district has hosted some of the best operatic and theatrical performances known to the world. And it hasn’t changed. In fact, you could say that every time a new show is added to Broadway’s repertoire, the bar is raised. The current shows on offer, as you might suspect, are amazing. So, here’s some Broadway shows you just can’t miss out on!

A Bronx Tale

You’re in the big apple, so if you really want to see something authentic then you may consider A Bronx Tale. A misguided teen gets taken under the wing of a local mobster during the 60’s. Of course our protagonist, Calogero, is slowly groomed into the local gang culture, where he gains money and respect from his mob activity. At a time of social instability in an increasingly diverse area, all manner of tensions and repercussions rise between the Italian and African American communities when Callegro starts a relationship with an African American classmate. It’s one for the true culture-vulture, especially one who wants to view a performance authentic to the local area and its post-war social problems.

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Does it matter if this one’s a little more low-brow compared to the last entry? Broadway is also about fun, as much as it’s also about artistic performance. Hence why SpongeBob SquarePants is a fantastic show to see, especially if the kids are in tow. SpongeBob and friends save the day in an awesome family-friendly tale which sees Bikini Bottom’s existence at stake due to the evil Plankton.

Phantom of the Opera

It’s the longest-running hit on Broadway and is also a classic in London’s theatre district, the West End, too. Hiding in exile due to his facial deformities, the phantom lurks hauntingly around the grand Paris Opera House. Sheltered in an underground cavern away from the world, he begins to tutor and compose work for a budding young singer, Christine. Christine rises to stardom, attracting an old flame, much to the Phantom’s disliking. In anger, he menaces the theatre’s cast, crew and audience through a string of murders. Yet, Christine stays curious of the troubled Phantom.

School Rock

Dewey Finn’s rent is stacking and stacking, and his band career just isn’t paying the bills. His housemates tell him he must leave if he can’t make up his share, though has a cunning plan to gain the money. Dewey takes on Mr. Schneebly as a pseudonym and feigns being a cover teacher so he can keep a roof over his head. During his time, Mr. Schneebly creates a band and crew out of the class he supposedly teaches, so to win a battle of the bands contest. Of course, he has to duck and dive the real teachers while he’s at it. A fantastic movie, the recent announcement of a theatre stage show has turned a lot of heads and has certainly proven to be a hit.


Set in the roaring 20’s, Roxie Hart longs to be a star. Desperate to be one, she starts an affair with Fred Casely, who claims to have connections in showbiz. Though to her dismay, these promises were not true, leading her to eventually shoot Casely. Her husband Amos takes the blame until the police produce evidence of the affair, leading to Roxie being locked in Murderess’ Row. There, she meets her idol, who also shot and killed her husband and sister for having an affair with each other. When a lawyer takes up both of their cases, their plights turn into a media circus. An iconic story told through song, this show has been held in high regard on stage by audiences across the world.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The latest instalment of the biggest movie series in the world is shown here on Broadway. Taking place after the movies, the gang are now adults with families and careers within the Ministry of Magic. With Harry’s son carrying the weight of his family’s legacy, both father and son face darkness years after Harry’s time at Hogwarts school. If you’re holidaying in New York with family then this is certainly one to catch, since Harry Potter has and will always be fantastic for everyone in the family.


A lot happened before Dorothy turned up. In fact, another girl, green-skinned, smart, fiery, misunderstood and magnificently talented lived her adolescence in the Land of Oz. She meets a bubbly blonde who’s exceptionally popular. The two don’t get on but turn into an unlikely duo who have a friendship far greater than what they both initially thought they’d have. That’s all until the world brands one as ‘good’ and the other as ‘wicked’. It’s an amazing prequel to the all-time classic The Wizard of Oz.

Book of Mormon

Made by the creators of South Park, this stage show is just as risqué as the on-screen cartoon. The Book of Mormon sees a group of enthusiastic Mormons visit Uganda, attempting to convert the citizens to Mormonism one community at a time. Although realising on arrival that the area’s they’ve targeted for cold-calling are all ridden with violence, crime and disease, they realise they’re attempts will be much more difficult. This one is absolutely not for families, due to explicit material and humour that’s certainly not for the faint-hearted. However, that may be exactly why it’s perfect for other holidaymakers, especially friends and couples who fancy having a rather more controversial showtime.


This Disney classic has only arrived in Broadway of recent, but it certainly has earned its space in the districts selection of shows. The show features a very loud and lovable Genie, a conniving Jafar and Iago and of course all the amazing songs which are known and loved from the movie. Not only that, but the way the set is curated is pure magic, from the carpet rides to the Genie’s arrival from out of the lamp, a whole operation is a class act, expertly put together.

The Lion King

The Lion King is arguably THE Broadway show. The story is a classic, the costumes are incredible, the stage adaptation as a whole is simply amazing. The show is an icon on the theatre scene, especially so on Broadway and London’s West End. The whole production has a universal character which everyone seems to fall in love with, from tiny tots to adult couples, the appeal stretches across the board. If you’re going to visit the theatre, then this one’s up there as a theatrical triumph.

So when are you thinking of heading to New York? Because if you want to check out one of the many Broadway musicals, Ocean Florida can point you in the right direction!

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