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Las Vegas Must-See Attractions

  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 19 March 2019
  • Revised 04 June 2019
Las Vegas Must-See Attractions
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 19 March 2019
  • Revised 04 June 2019
Las Vegas Must-See Attractions
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 19 March 2019
  • Revised 04 June 2019
Is there anything worse than sitting on the plane home thinking “I wish we just did this”, or “I wish we did that”? You don’t exactly have to be told that Las Vegas is packed full with thrills and spills, but with so much to see, there’s a chance you might just miss out on the best part of the holiday. And nobody wants that, do we… Save your worries! Below are some top picks of the best must-see attractions In Las Vegas.


Stratosphere is a hotel and casino, but when people talk about the Stratosphere, they’re talking about the tower looming over Las Vegas. It’s open for tourists to scale and admire unparalleled views of the Las Vegas skyline. You can also enjoy the vistas with an upscale dinner in the restaurant at the top of the tower, the Top of the World, where the dining quarters spins on its axis so you’ll see a 360-view of the cityscape. But this isn’t the only thing up here. At the very top are three terrifying thrill-rides. The Big Shot! fires you into the air at break-neck speed, Insanity, a mechanical arm which flails you 900ft in the air face-down over the tower’s edge, and the X-Scream which simply launches you over the edge of the Stratosphere… Plus, true daredevils can simply jump off the tower with a harness to land themselves safely in the SkyJump attraction.


Vegas Sign

Visiting Vegas is simply a crime if you’re not going to stop by the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. It’s the landmark that everyone thinks of at the mention of Vegas since the city was first created, and has undoubtedly been an icon in pop culture throughout the late 19th century. It’s almost an unwritten rule – you need to see the Vegas sign! This photo op summarises your Sin City memories entirely and is guaranteed to make them last a lifetime.


Fremont Street

Las Vegas Boulevard isn’t the original Las Vegas Strip. The original strip was Fremont Street, just to the Northwest of Vegas’ current tourist hot-spot. But just because Las Vegas Boulevard has overtaken the ‘Strip’ status doesn’t mean the original Strip is dead. This street completely rebranded itself a few years back, offering a crazy mix of casinos, attractions, live music and entertainment shows, all under the cover of a neon-lit ceiling. Why not grab a bite to eat before watching a live band? Or, why not zip wire across the street from a giant slot machine? It’s a hub for all things wild, so make sure you don’t miss out!


Grand Canyon

Of course around this part of the world is one of the Severn Natural Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon. This incredible landmark is about a 2 – 4-hour drive (depending on how far in you wish to venture), and is again, a sight which is criminal not to see if you’re in the area. There are also plenty of Indian reservations in the area for you to delve into some authentic native culture, including the Hualapai Tribe’s territory which has the Skywalk for tourists to enjoy the vistas from a safe, yet terrifying vantage point.


Every Hotel and Casino

Obviously, Vegas is lined with some of the most outrageous hotels and casinos in all the land, and with such unique personalities and atmospheres within each, you’ve just got to call in on them to find out about the fuss. From the elaborate allure of the Bellagio to the pool parties of Planet Hollywood, to the risqué character of The D, to the Roman Imperial style of Caesar’s Palace. Each hotel has a fantastic personality that you need to take in during your stay. Take a stroll around, enjoy the shopping and dining on offer, have a drink at one of the many bars around, just soak in the atmosphere of Vegas’ iconic hotels.


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