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A Quick Guide To The Disney World Parks

  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 07 May 2015
  • Revised 17 March 2016
A Quick Guide To The Disney World Parks
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 07 May 2015
  • Revised 17 March 2016
A Quick Guide To The Disney World Parks
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 07 May 2015
  • Revised 17 March 2016
A trip to Orlando’s Walt Disney World is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people, and the pressure of planning such a trip can be a daunting task. For those who have never been before, this guide will give you the low down on the Disney World parks and main attractions to ensure you don’t miss the best bits.

Magic Kingdom
Probably the most famous of Disney’s parks, the Magic Kingdom is home to Cinderella’s Castle which brings a wave of nostalgia and awe over anyone who catches a glimpse of this iconic site. Made up of 6 enchanted lands, this is where Disney’s most classic fairy tales come to life.


Space Mountain – A definite hit with every visitor, this is a dark roller coaster that takes you on a journey through outer space. With a blast-off tunnel, fantastic attention to detail and games to keep you entertained whilst you queue, it’s a good idea to prioritise this ride.
Pirates of the Caribbean – Take a boat ride back to a time when pirates ruled both land and seas. With swashbuckling action, pistols at the ready and a ton of scheming characters to entertain you, this ride is definitely one that shouldn’t be missed.
Splash Mountain – This log flume ride is ideal for cooling down in the Florida sun. Featuring over 100 singing Audio-Animatronic residents and one big drop at the end, this thrilling ride incorporates some of Disney’s most famous songs to make a real entertainment splash.
The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – The latest addition to Fantasyland, this mine train takes you on an exciting journey through forbidden forests and diamond speckled caves. With swinging lifts, sharp banks and a whole lot of twists and turns, this ride is sure to be a hit.

This theme park is split into 2 distinct realms; Future World explores the wonders of tomorrow and features impressive technological innovations, and World Showcase which takes visitors on an exciting journey to experience different cultures from all corners of the globe.


Soarin’ – Making use of a 180° IMAX projection dome, you can embark on a virtual hang-gliding experience over the stunning landscapes of California. Engaging all of the senses as you sweep over rolling waves, fragrant forests and legendary landmarks, this simulator offers a realistic flying experience like none other.
The Seas with Nemo & Friends – This is the ultimate adventure for any Finding Nemo fans. Step inside your own "clamobile" and weave your way through the tropical coral reef. Keep an eye out for your favourite movie characters including Crush and Squirt the sea turtles, and keep a special eye out for Bruce the shark hiding within a shipwreck.

Hollywood Studios
Step off the red carpet and straight into Hollywood. Witness the glitz and glamour of the Golden Age, go behind the scenes and discover all the backstage secrets and feel like a star right in the heart of a manic movie set. This is where the movie magic happens.


MuppetVision 3D – A great show for every member of the family, this 3D spectacular puts you right in the middle of the Muppets hilarious antics. Featuring all your favourite personalities, and showing off some of the finest high-tech film processes, this show will have you in fits of laughter one minute and in complete awe the next.
Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster – With Aerosmith tunes blasting through the speakers, speed your way through the streets of LA in a super-stretch limo on a mission to get the band on stage in time. Blast your way through the Hollywood sign and swoop around the city skyline, it’s not just Aerosmith fans who will love this high-speed coaster.
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – Set in the notorious Hollywood Tower Hotel, this spooky encounter takes you on a journey through the abandoned darkness with some seriously mysterious goings-on. This experience features a white-knuckle elevator drop at the very end, but it’s definitely worth exploring the tower even if you opt out of the final thrill.

Animal Kingdom
Home to over 250 species from all over the world, this park is a haven for animal lovers and cleverly incorporates rides with animal encounters for the ultimate wildlife adventure. Divided into 7 themed lands, this park takes you on a journey around the entire planet and even transports you back in time with DinoLand.


Expedition Everest - Venture on a high-speed train trek through the icy-peaks of the Himalayas. As the weather-beaten train breaks down on the track, the myths are made real as you come face to face with the elusive Yeti.
Kilimanjaro Safari – Hop in the open-air safari vehicle and embark on a bumpy ride through the African outback on the lookout for elephants, rhinos, lions and much more. Tours last for around 18 minutes and are led by knowledgeable guides who will tell you all about the expedition.
Maharajah Jungle Trek – Set in the elaborate surroundings of the Anandapur Royal Forest, this tropical paradise is home to some of Asia’s most spectacular wildlife. With highlights including the Asian tiger, gibbons and Malayan flying foxes, this stunning walk-through transports you right into the humid lands of the Far East.

Blizzard Beach
Complete with a snow-capped mountain, this wintery water park is made to look like a ski-resort which has melted away in the Florida heat. Plummeting slides go hand in hand with tranquil pools and a white-sand beach to create a park that holds something for everyone.


Summit Plummet – Being one of the tallest freefall body slides in the world, this certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. With a drop of 120ft that feels almost vertical, you’ll be rocketed through a dark tunnel and emerge from the other end in an eruption of white-water.
Slush Gusher – Although not as fearsome as Summit Plummet, this 90ft long waterslide still packs one hell of a punch. You’ll be catapulted on a high-speed downhill journey and then defy gravity as you zoom over 2 rolling hills. This one’s great for teens and adults.
Ski Patrol Training Camp – This is essentially an obstacle course constructed over a large pool, and it’s a huge hit with the kids. Children and teenagers can test their balance on the floating icebergs, make a splash as they dismount the zip line and speed down the winding slides on an inflatable tube.

Typhoon Lagoon
Created to look like the aftermath of a typhoon, this is where upturned boats and surfboards in trees accompany the storm-ridden Mount Mayday to become a land of manic water adventures. Home to the largest inland surfing lagoon in Florida, this is a water park of epic proportions.


Crush ‘n’ Gusher – This multi-passenger raft ride provides 400ft worth of high-speed chutes, hairpin turns and sudden drops. Grab your friends or family, climb into your raft and witness one of Typhoon Lagoon’s signature attractions.
Shark Reef – This unique experience lets you get up close to the tropical marine life that inhabits our world’s warmest waters. With the chance to see stingrays, blue tangs and leopard sharks, put on a snorkel and take a plunge because this isn’t one to miss. Non-swimmers can enjoy this experience via an underwater viewing station.

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