Introducing SeaWorld’s New Pipeline: The Surf Coaster

  • By Christopher da Costa
  • Published 30 May 2023
  • Revised 10 July 2023
Introducing SeaWorld’s New Pipeline: The Surf Coaster
  • By Christopher da Costa
  • Published 30 May 2023
  • Revised 10 July 2023
Introducing SeaWorld’s New Pipeline: The Surf Coaster
  • By Christopher da Costa
  • Published 30 May 2023
  • Revised 10 July 2023
Almost everyone has ridden a rollercoaster, but how would you feel about surfing the sky?

The first-of-its-kind, Pipeline: The Surf Coaster officially opened on 27th May 2023. Passengers can now stand up in their seats with unparalleled freedom of movement, mimicking the feeling of riding the waves without the water. Yet the power of the ocean is never far away, launching surfers up to 110 feet at 60 per hour, and rivalling the thrills of Orlando’s most exhilarating rides. 

I think we can all get on board with that! Here’s how you can be amongst the first to experience Pipeline: The Surf Coaster, and how it compares to SeaWorld’s other latest and greatest attractions…

What makes Pipeline: The Surf Coaster unique?

In time’s gone by, stand-up rollercoasters were more prominent – but none were like this. 

As soon as you take your position on Pipeline: The Surf Coaster, you will know something feels different. Strapped into a secured standing position like a pro surfer, you will rise and fall into ‘wave curl’ inversions in a smooth motion - courtesy of the coaster’s advanced suspension system - before experiencing a feeling of weightlessness across five airtime moments.

What’s more, there are only two riders per row, providing an open view of the sky at heights up to 54 feet. Though be aware, with only 12 rows in total, and with high demand for this attraction, pre-planning is advised to manage the queue.

You can find Pipeline: The Surf Coaster at the front of the park between Flamecraft Bar and Bayside Stadium.

Is Pipeline: The Surf Coaster suitable for children?

We’re pleased to confirm that Pipeline: The Surf Coaster is suitable for children over 54 inches. Plus, its relatively gentle rising and falling suspension system provides a great option for a child’s first exposure to an inversion coaster. 

Is Pipeline: The Surf Coaster accessible to disabled guests?

Yes, accessibility for Pipeline: The Surf Coaster falls under SeaWorld’s overarching Ride Accessibility Program (RAP). When enrolled, guests can join virtual waiting lines with return times provided. Upon return, disabled guests will gain fast-track access to the ride with appropriate assistance provided. For more information, please view SeaWorld's Accessibility Guide.

How does Pipeline: The Surf Coaster compare with SeaWorld’s other top attractions?

SeaWorld has been making waves by launching some of the world's fastest, tallest, and first-of-its-kind rides in recent years. Here’s how they compare with the new Pipeline: The Surf Coaster… 

The first rollercoaster contender is Tigris, Florida’s tallest launch coaster. Open since 2019 at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Tigris will take you to soaring heights of up to 150 feet. Inspired by the agility of Earth's biggest cat, the ride also promises three hair-raising launches forwards and backwards, as you drop, loop, roll and roar at more than 60 miles per hour. So, whilst it may reach greater heights than Pipeline: The Surf Coaster, it is matched for speed. And in terms of coolness, we think there’s still nothing quite like surfer vibes.

Speaking of being cool, Ice Breaker is also one of Florida’s newest rollercoasters. Open since February 2022 at SeaWorld Orlando, the ride is named after the Arctic summits and is SeaWorld’s first multi-directional roller coaster, boasting the steepest vertical drop in the state – at 93 feet. However, Ice Breaker has just four airtime moments compared to Pipeline: The Surf Coaster’s five, and it lags behind in terms of speed, reaching 52 mph.

If you are looking for SeaWorld’s fastest ride, Mako retains that coveted title, reaching 73mph. What's more, Mako is also the tallest and longest coaster in Orlando. Named after one of the ocean’s fastest sharks, Mako promises stomach-tickling entertainment, including deep dives and heavy turns along a track that measures 4,760 feet. However, Pipeline: The Surf Coaster was never designed to be purely about high-octane action. Your arms might be free to reach for the clouds on Mako, but Pipeline: The Surfer Coaster offers unbeatable freedom of movement. Combined, these two rides should tick all the boxes for thrill-seekers. 

If you would like to learn more about the latest SeaWorld attractions, visit our dedicated page SeaWorld Resort Holidays 2023 & 2024.

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