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Top-10 Rides in Orlando, Florida

  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 19 March 2019
  • Revised 09 March 2020
Top-10 Rides in Orlando, Florida
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 19 March 2019
  • Revised 09 March 2020
Top-10 Rides in Orlando, Florida
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 19 March 2019
  • Revised 09 March 2020
You probably know already that Orlando is packed to the brim with an endless array of amazing rides and attractions. With so many to choose from, you’re probably wondering where to start from, so we thought we’d group together Florida’s top-10 rides!

The Incredible Hulk Coaster

The Incredible Hulk Coaster is just as crazy as you might expect it to be, featuring unparalleled thrills through gnarly twists and turns and heart-in-mouth loops and dives. Having recently been refurbished to include a brand-new storyline told throughout the queue, youll feel the rush of becoming the gamma-charged Hulk as you launch through the air at up to 67mph and your world turn upside down in zero-gravity rolls.


Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts™

Enter Gringotts™ bank beneath the massive fire-breathing dragon at the far end of Diagon Alley™ and prepare to journey deep underground on this epic multi-dimensional 3D ride. Face the bank’s stringent security measures as you navigate the vaults and encounter Harry, Ron, and Hermione along the way.



Busch Garden’s Sheikra is a hair-raising ride from start to finish. After a few twists and turns and a climb to 200 feet, the ride dangles you in anticipation of the plummet to come. A false start elevates the terror, just before you’re dropped 200-feet leaving your stomach in knots for the loops ahead.


Kraken at SeaWorld

The Kraken at SeaWorld is a monster coaster that doesn’t disappoint. So if exhilarating roller coasters are top of your list, then this ride is for you. Big thrills come in the form of no floor, dizzy heights with the wind in your face and stomach-dropping dips, as well as lots of spiralling around. Nobody will hear you scream…


Slinky Dog Dash

Slinky Dog Dash is the centrepiece of the new land, a crazy-fast rollercoaster that’ll send you flying across the park. The coaster is made of huge toy blocks, making you feel like you’re a toy yourself. You’ll swerve around hills and drops as you sit between Slinky Dog’s coils.


Infinity Falls

Infinity Falls is a world-class water rapid ride with the world’s tallest drop. The raft takes you on a journey through a lost jungle river where you pass the remains of an ancient civilisation with shooting water fountains and waterfalls. The roaring rapids shoot you through chutes before tumbling down the tallest drop of its kind into bubbling white water.


Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road

Journey to the Wild West and race through an abandoned gold-mining town aboard a runaway mine train. Venture inside the 200-foot mountain and dash in and out of desert caverns as you witness the remnants of a flash flood and dodge rolling boulders. Hold tight, this is a bumpy ride!


Test Track

Step inside the Chevrolet Design Centre and create your very own virtual vehicle before putting it to the test in a 6-passenger simulation car. Determine the vehicle’s capability, responsiveness, efficiency and power before adding those finishing touches to your final design.


The Simpsons Ride™

Ride along with The Simpsons™ as they visit Krustyland, on this 3D immersive ride. This fun-filled top journey will see you flying, floating and crashing through Krustyland on a series of attractions and thrilling rides. You’ll journey all through Springfield where you’ll see your favourite characters and more. This is a must-do for The Simpsons fans.



Take to the skies as you spin, fly, and glide on this thrilling rollercoaster. Unlike the majority of rides you’ll find here in Orlando, Manta seats you in a head-first, face-down superman position – so only ride if you dare! With drops, swoops, loops, and incredible G-forces, you’ll get to experience pretty much everything there is to love about a roller coaster on Manta.


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