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Discover frequently asked accessibility questions, finally answered.

Discover frequently asked accessibility questions, finally answered.


Good news - we’re in the process of rolling out a new Live Chat feature that will enable you to confirm your booking online. In the meantime, all quotes and communication with your accessible travel specialist can also be made via email. 
If you have any special assistance requests, please get in touch with our dedicated team on 0203 814 2198 or enquire online.

We will ask you to complete a short, confidential, Accessibility Checklist, so we can properly understand all your requirements. We will then supply you with a full list of disability assistance options, including services that you may not have even considered possible.

For any accessibility concerns about an existing holiday booking, please contact 020 3814 2198

If you are helping someone who is not able to complete a form online, we would be happy to help them via telephone.
Of course! If you require documentation in Braille, please let your accessible travel experts know at the time of booking your trip.
We understand that ever child is different, even to those with a similar diagnosis of autism. For those planning an Orlando holiday, we also know navigating the world’s busiest theme parks can be a daunting task – even before having to manage the stimulation of a child. However, our team of accessible travel specialists promise to help you plan around potential problems. Even after you arrive, our Orlando based team will be on hand to offer 24/7 support.

We can also recommend autism-certified theme parks such as Legoland Resort Florida and Peppa Pig Theme Park. They specialise in providing world-class entertainment for children with cognitive differences and their staff are specially trained. 

To help control your environment, you can stay in one of our Exact Address villas in a low sensory area. Plus, we offer a range of Autism-certified hotels in Central Florida and the Gulf coast. 

When travelling by cruise, many ships have programmes to make sailing with autism accessible. For example, Royal Caribbean became the first certified Autism Friendly Cruise Line in February 2014. 

And increasingly, US airports provide services aimed at making journeys pleasant for passengers with cognitive disabilities. This can include calm, yet appropriately stimulating, environments in Multi-Sensory rooms at Miami International Airport.


During your quote, you will be able to highlight your need for an accessible holiday. At this stage, we will request that you complete an Accessibility Checklist. We will combine your requirements with your travel wish list to provide a tailormade holiday package.

You can also see our handcrafted accessible holidays for specific dates and locations here.

Our accessible accommodations will include features such as widened doorways for wheelchairs, hearing-impaired alert devices, low-sensory zones and more, for villa, resort, or cruise ship holidays.
When you enquire about an accessible holiday, we will ask you to fill out a form covering all the possible modifications you might need to make your stay comfortable. We will then secure appropriate accommodation but should unforeseen circumstances cause your accommodation to change, we are unable to guarantee that every feature will remain available.
Following government regulations, many of our customers bring permitted medication that requires refrigeration. Most hotel rooms have a fridge in which to store your medicine.
If you have a specific request, such as a visual alarm or doorbell for your room, let us know and we will find accommodation that offers them.   
If you would like to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you can request hearing impaired adjustments, like door knock and phone alerts, phone amplifiers, bed shaker notifications, a strobe light smoke detector and a Text Typewriter (TTY) phone.
If you’re interested in a Universal Orlando hotel, we can help you find guest rooms including the room number in Braille and hearing-Impaired Kits (that include a TDD relay service).

For SeaWorld’s partner hotels, such as the Hilton Orlando, you can expect ADA-approved rooms that include audio/visual fire alarm indicators (strobe lights), bed-shakers for alarms, a strobe that flashes when someone knocks on the door, and a telephone ring indicator.
With over 1500 Florida villa homes alone available through Ocean Florida, we can offer accommodation in low-sensory areas. Plus, we can personalise your holiday package to include attraction tickets that are suitable for your needs. For any other requests, just ask our Travel Specialists.


For a hassle-free travel experience, we've can arrange a UK Airport Fast Track (subject to availability) and a UK Airport Lounge service. This means you can breeze through check-in and security, all while enjoying some comfort and downtime in a quiet airport lounge as you wait for your flight. If you would like to make your own arrangements, our Travel Specialists can also provide you with relevant contact details.

For more details on the special assistance your airline offers, please use the links below:
We’d also recommend filling out a disability notification card before you travel. You can hand it to customs and immigration on arrival, and they’ll know how to help. Plus, trained TSA (Transportation Security Administration) agents operate at the security and immigration lines, so if you need any assistance, just flash them your card.
We’re pleased to say you can book your adapted vehicle hire through Ocean Florida. There are wheelchair-accessible options, like the Dodge Grand Caravan, which comes with a remote-powered ramp and lowered floor. Both front seats are also removable, enabling wheelchair users to take the wheel or ride in the passenger position.

There is no deposit to be paid for our car hire, but before we can complete your booking, we will need proof of a valid driver’s license and confirmation that appropriate car insurance has been purchased. 
The rules for travelling with a mobility aid vary between airlines, but in general manual wheelchairs can be accommodated on flights. They may, however, have to be stowed during the journey. As for powered wheelchairs and electric mobility aids, there are complex regulations. Thankfully, we can help advise you on current airline assistance policies relevant to your circumstances, ensuring your journey is problem-free.


The primary accessibility service at Walt Disney World is their DAS (Disability Access Service) programme, which is set up for guests to bypass extended wait times in conventional attraction queues. Instead, guests can request a return time to ride or shows and your entire group (up to 6 people) is covered under this service. You can pre-register from 30 - 2 days before arrival by emailing disability.services@disneyparks.com or call 001 407 560 2547. Alternatively, you can register for the DAS upon arrival, by visiting Guest Services in any of the theme parks.

Universal’s Attraction Assistance Pass works in a very similar way to DAS, again offering an alternative line or the option of returning at a set time. This pass is available by request from Guest Services within each theme park.

A similar Ride Accessibility Program exists at SeaWorld Orlando. For additional information email Guest Correspondence at SEAguestcorrespondence@SeaWorld.com or call (407) 545-5550.

Over at Legoland Florida, shops, restaurants, show venues and most rides and attractions are mobility-friendly. Legoland also offers a Hero Pass if you have difficulty waiting in queues. This pass will allow you to board rides immediately through the exit along with one helper. 

Both the Peppa Pig Theme Park in Florida and Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld Orlando are Certified Autism Centres - an accreditation that recognises comprehensive efforts to tailor the experience to individuals with sensory processing issues.

Between Orlando’s renowned theme parks, they also have a range of other services - including rental wheelchairs, Assistive Listening systems, sign language interpretation, Handheld Captioning, braille guidebooks and much more. For further details on the accessible services that theme parks offer, please see the answers per disability below.
We’re pleased to report that all major Orlando theme parks provide mobility services. For example, Disney guests in wheelchairs can use most rides and their DAS systems mean you only have to wait in virtual queues with allocated time slots. Plus, there are dedicated accessible parking spaces, closer to the main entrance. 

As for Universal Studios, their resort shuttles come equipped with a wheelchair lift and all attraction queues are accessible to guests in wheelchairs, apart from Pteranodon Flyers™. 
You can add mobility equipment such as scooters and wheelchairs to your booking, in addition to certain other medical equipment such as oxygen compressors. Hiring from us before you travel will also typically be a lot cheaper than renting equipment from inside the theme parks.
Be sure to ask our accessible travel experts about the attractions you intend to visit. We can add appropriate attraction tickets to your package and explain how to make the most of your visit - whatever your special requirements. Plus, all the major theme parks have maps on-site and online accessible guides to help you plan your day.
Some of the more intense or roller-coaster type attractions require the removal of a prosthesis prior to riding. In some cases, an above knee amputation or atypical body shape can render the ride restraint system ineffectual – and as a result you may be declined boarding. Parks have extensive guides detailing rider safety and accessibility, and our accessible travel experts can share with you.
For those who have a disability, physical or cognitive, all the major theme parks have programmes designed to avoid waiting in physical lines. 

Walt Disney World offers the Disability Access Scheme (DAS). This service integrates with the My Disney Experience App, allowing guests to request a return time for a given attraction. Then after enjoying other aspects of the park, you can simply board the attraction at your allocated time with little to no wait. 

You can book the DAS between 30-2 days in advance or simply upon arrival at Guest Services. A similar service is offered at Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando, yet there is no online booking system and guests can only obtain their pass from a park’s Guest Services.
Most attractions in Orlando’s major theme parks will allow white canes to be carried onboard. In cases where they’re not, park staff will stow the cane within an easily reachable place upon leaving the ride. It may be useful to label the cane with your name - just in case another guest has their white cane stowed away too. 
Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando lead the way for accessible theme parks for the visually impaired. 

Disney’s Handheld Devices describe visual elements at specific attractions and entertainment venues. They’re available from Guest Relations at all the parks on a first-come, first-served basis. Their guidebooks are also available in large text and Braille. You can request printable versions of these by email or phone. 

Universal, meanwhile, have an accessibility guide, which is available in large print and Braille from the Guest Services Lobbies. Scripts for their shows are also available at certain locations. See their website for more on this. 

What’s more, you can ride most attractions with a white cane, or they can provide a storage compartment in the ride vehicle for your cane. 
Many attractions in Orlando’s major theme parks will allow service animals to be taken onboard. In those cases where they’re not – such as on intense rollercoasters – park staff can offer alternative solutions. Some parks will have facilities for keeping the animal in a portable kennel, whilst other offer a ‘ride switch’ service, allowing another member of your group to look after your service animal (and keep their place in line) whilst you ride. However, in rare cases it may not be possible to accommodate a guide dog for an attraction.
SeaWorld is a standout theme park for autism accessibility. As a Certified Autism Center, their staff are trained to have the knowledge, skills and temperament to cater for autistic children of all cognitive abilities. The specialist training focuses on motor skills, social skills, emotional awareness and environment and sensory awareness. If a guest needs sensory relief, there are Quiet Rooms or Low Sensory Areas inside the Child Care Facility in Sesame Street Land.

DisneyUniversal, Legoland, and Peppa Pig theme parks all have detailed planning guides for guests with cognitive disabilities, where you’ll find information about each ride and quiet areas. For example, the AMC Theatre in Downtown Disney puts on monthly sensory-friendly movies.
Get the full lowdown on Florida’s best autism-friendly theme parks in this blog. 
Thankfully, all the major Orlando theme parks offer assisted listening devices.

Disney World offers handheld devices which amplify sound through headphones or an induction loop at certain attractions. They also feature Handheld Captioning which displays on-screen text. You can pick them up from Guest Relations at all four of their theme parks on a first-come, first-served basis. 

At Universal Studios, closed captioning and assistive listening devices and attraction scripts are available at Guest Services in each theme park. 

Likewise, SeaWorld offer assisted listening devices for a refundable deposit of approximately $20. SeaWorld requests that you reserve these devices in advance, and we would be happy to help arrange this service. 
Whilst there is American Sign Language availability at many Orlando theme park shows, you often must request this service. For example, Universal resorts require requests to be made via email with two weeks’ notice, whereas SeaWorld needs to know one week in advance of the performance. If you would like us to make these arrangements, please get in touch. 

Unfortunately, British Sign Language services are not available in the Orlando Theme Parks.

Sign language interpreters are also available at some Disney shows on a rotating basis. A weekly schedule can be requested via email - and we would be happy to acquire this schedule for you. We can also request an interpreter for select special events and dinner shows. To find out more, visit Disney’s website, or get in touch with us today.
Although most major attractions are likely to accept the UK Blue Badge, it is not officially recognised in the USA. Instead, you can apply for the Florida equivalent (an Out-of-Country Visitor Disabled Parking Placard) at a cost of about $17. Your order will require a minimum of 2 weeks from the time of issue for international delivery. More information can be found at https://www.octaxcol.com/motor-vehicles/disabled-parking-placards/


We understand that many disabilities are not immediately apparent to others, but we’re happy to help provide special assistance for all impairments. If you believe your hidden disability will affect your holiday, just let us know during your quote. 
Hidden disabilities may include – but are not limited to – visual, mental health, respiratory or circulatory conditions. 

There is no definitive list of conditions that qualify as a hidden disability. Instead, if you believe that you would benefit from wearing a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower product, we recommend doing so. This sunflower discreetly indicates to trained staff at attractions that you may be in need of additional support. You can order your Hidden Disabilities Sunflower free of charge from Ocean Florida. 
There are many services available for customers with hidden disabilities - including those on offer for immediately apparent conditions. Right from the start of your holiday, we can help arrange special assistance at airports – such as  priority check-ins, pre-boarding or delayed boarding, and pre-assigned standard seats. 

We also recommend making airport staff aware of your circumstances by wearing a sunflower lanyard from Hidden Disabilities. It’s an internationally recognised symbol that discretely alerts people that you have a disability that’s not always apparent. 

As a member of the Hidden Disabilities scheme, we can send you a lanyard for free when you book your holiday – you only have to ask.


Our luxurious cruise ships provide some of the most accessible rooms and attractions available. 

From staterooms equipped with ramped bathroom thresholds to assisted listening devices or performance shows with sign language, there are too many accessible amenity options for us to list here. However, head over to our dedicated page for accessible cruise holidays, and we can help you plan a personalised package that matches your needs to your travel dreams.
Yes! Cruises are amongst the most accessible holidays with adapted cabins, theatre viewing, restaurants and in many cases pool hoists. What’s more, you are welcome to bring your own mobility device onboard, or we’re happy to arrange a cruise-friendly rental as part of your package. Port excursions are also available, however, smaller ports that require a tender may occasionally be inaccessible.
Passengers with visual impairments will find Braille and large-print menus along with Braille signage and elevator buttons. Visual or tactile alert systems for door knocking, telephone ringing, alarm clocks and smoke detectors are typically available upon request. And all cruise lines permit the services of guide dogs.
Cruise passengers with hearing impairments can take advantage of American sign-language interpreters (when requested no less than 60 days in advance), assisted-listening devices and closed-captioned televisions. 

For any other guidance on hearing-friendly Florida attractions, just ask our accessible travel experts.

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