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Brand-New Disney Movies in 2019

  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 04 February 2019
  • Revised 07 February 2019
Brand-New Disney Movies in 2019
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 04 February 2019
  • Revised 07 February 2019
Brand-New Disney Movies in 2019
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 04 February 2019
  • Revised 07 February 2019
If you’re a fan of a flick and all things magical then you should keep your eyes glued to the silver screen this year, since there are going to be a heap of brand-new Disney movies in 2019. Some of the greatest movies to have graced the earth will be making a reprise in the form of sequels and reboots.


Frozen 2

The smash hit mega-movie, Frozen, makes a comeback to the big screen in a fantastic sequel which sees Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff make a return in Norway. When the first movie was released in 2013, the world flocked to the cinemas to see it, and its sequel is no doubt going to be an exception. This time around, Anna and Elsa head out on an incredible journey far away from their home-kingdom of Arendelle.


Star Wars IX

The final episode of the Star Wars saga is set to be released at the very end of 2019, bringing the franchise to its epic conclusion. The story has been told over the last 40 years and has mesmerised millions by creating untold mania across the world. So being the sagas epic finale, there’s no doubt that the occasion is going to be huge. The last instalment of the main storyline left the Resistance in a difficult position evading the evil First Order, so its likely that the next episode could see the outcome of the First Orders pursuit of the Resistance, answer questions about Rey and Kylo Rens bloodlines, and will see whether the Resistance will prevail over the forces of evil.



This one’s sure to be a corker since Aladdin is one of the best-loved movies ever made. With the original having been released in 1992, it seems it’s about time for a live-action remake to hit the big screen. With a brilliant cast featuring Will Smith as the Genie, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott and Marwan Kenzari, this remake is set to meet the world’s expectations of what’s already considered to be one of Disneys number-one movies.


Toy Story 4

Just when you thought it was all over, this timeless classic turns out to be getting a fourth instalment this Summer! Be sure to join Buzz, Woody, Jessie and the gang on a brand-new journey that’ll see all the old crew on another epic adventure. In Toy Story 3, the group left off with Andy leaving home and pursuing his adolescence at college, a place to call an end to this masterpiece trilogy. However, Pixar have pulled it out the bag once again to bring another fantastic adventure for the toys to finish off, their story.


Lion King

Another live-action remake heading to the silver screen is the classic Disney movie, the Lion King. A smash-hit in the box office and a regular fixture on Broadway and the West End, the Lion King is a film you can guarantee to love immediately. The story follows Simba, a young lion who rises to leadership after the death of the leader of the pride, his father Mufasa.



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