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Why Discovery Cove is the Most Romantic Resort in Orlando 

  • By Christopher da Costa
  • Published 16 October 2023
  • Revised 01 November 2023
Why Discovery Cove is the Most Romantic Resort in Orlando 
  • By Christopher da Costa
  • Published 16 October 2023
  • Revised 01 November 2023
Why Discovery Cove is the Most Romantic Resort in Orlando 
  • By Christopher da Costa
  • Published 16 October 2023
  • Revised 01 November 2023
Holidays can often feel like a choice between this or that, then or now. But what if you could combine adventure, relaxation, and romance all in one? Uncover Discovery Cove, rated #1 on USA Today’s ranking of the 10 Most Romantic Things To Do In Orlando

All-inclusive and with limited visitor numbers, it’s a tranquil paradise where you can swim with dolphins, snorkel colourful reefs and float down the lazy river. All before returning to a private cabana complete with drinks, food and total peace just for the two of you. It’s not just perfect for dates either; Discovery Cove is the ideal destination for anniversaries, honeymoons, and ever-so-special wedding proposals - you can even have the big question delivered by a dolphin!  

Romantic occasions simply don't get more unique than a visit to Discovery Cove, and here are the experiences that made us fall in love with Florida all over again… 

Swimming with Dolphins 

What could be a more memorable experience to share with your loved one than reconnecting with nature? At Discovery Cove, you can swim one-on-one with the cute bottlenose dolphins, while learning all about their habitat and behaviour.  

Although the classic experience begins as a group, you can have individual time with the dolphins or take the date to the next level with a celebration package, where one of these clever creatures will deliver a special message to your partner!  

Discovery Cove’s resident dolphins can play almost any part in your romantic getaway, whether you want dolphins to leap in heart shapes as the backdrop for your celebration, or a dolphin to deliver the ring for a proposal - there’s no limit to what can be arranged. 

Wildlife Encounters 

Discovery Cove’s wildlife experiences don’t stop with the lovely dolphins. Next, walk hand in hand to the Explorer’s Aviary, where you can spot hundreds of colourful birds. Personally, we recommend the VIP Package for a guided tour of the aviary with an aviculturist and the chance to hold these vibrant creatures.

Alternatively, become a Trainer for the Day and be led around by an expert guide, getting up close with the birds, dolphins, fish and otters that live at Discovery Cove.  

If your special someone is a total water baby, experiences such as feeding the flamingos or stingrays, swimming with sharks or SeaVenture - where you can walk through the reef amongst tropical fish using a dive helmet - will create shared memories you’ll never forget. Last, but by no means least, Discovery Cove’s Freshwater Oasis is home to playful Asian-clawed otters and half a dozen marmosets, which can be admired on a relaxing swim through the rainforest.   

Serene Swimming Spots 

Florida is well known for its gorgeous sandy beaches, sparkling blue water and warm weather, but don’t worry if you can’t get to the coast - everything you need is at Discovery Cove.  

The resort’s stunning Serenity Bay is a great place to unwind with your loved one. The crystal clear waters remain at a toasty 30 degrees, palm trees gently sway in the breeze and you can feel soft white sand beneath your feet. You can soak up the sun or go for a swim, simply sit poolside with a drink, spotting the resident flamingos on their daily walk.

Meanwhile, the slow-flowing Wind-Away River floats past sandy beaches, cascading waterfalls, dense rainforest and through an underwater cave, offering the perfect quiet moment together.

Private Experiences 

Discovery Cove feels a world away from the crowds of Orlando’s other popular parks thanks to a strict cap on visitor numbers, but you can easily make your visit even more peaceful and private. For special occasions, private and VIP cabanas will provide the perfect hideaway amongst the natural surroundings of Discovery Cove, where you can spend the day relaxing and recharging.  

Although Discovery Cove may not have accommodation, they partner with a variety of nearby hotels meaning you'll spend less time planning and more time with loved ones. Book a romantic few nights away at the Doubletree by Hilton, Hyatt Regency or Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, and you'll virtually roll out of bed into the warm waters of Discovery Cove. They also run regular special offers, such as free hotel nights and packages combining hotels and park activities, such as swimming with dolphins and front row seats to SeaWorld, ensuring nothing is left to chance and your romantic occasion goes off without a hitch.   

A Wedding Like No Other 

Romantic getaways, dates, anniversaries, honeymoons, and proposals will all be made perfect at Discovery Cove, but the special occasions don't end there. Perhaps Discovery Cove holds a special place in your relationship, or maybe you're searching for a truly unique wedding that just can't be found elsewhere?  

Hosting a wedding or vow renewal at Discovery Cove is a beautiful way to celebrate love, as you'll have the park all to yourselves before anyone else is allowed in. Imagine saying 'I Do' surrounded by sparkling water, lush rainforest, and tumbling waterfalls with everyone you love. Your big day will include close-up meetings with the exotic animals and tropical birds, a private cabana and dolphin experiences for all of your guests! Not to mention a picture-perfect ceremony on the beach, a celebration meal and your first dance in the heart of nature. It’s somewhere you can make memories year after year with that special someone.   

Are you ready to be the ones who got away? Book a Discovery Cove holiday today with the help and expertise of our Travel Specialists. 

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