How to Plan a Walt Disney World Holiday

  • By Tammy van der Westhuizen
  • Published 20 September 2023
  • Revised 21 September 2023
How to Plan a Walt Disney World Holiday
  • By Tammy van der Westhuizen
  • Published 20 September 2023
  • Revised 21 September 2023
How to Plan a Walt Disney World Holiday
  • By Tammy van der Westhuizen
  • Published 20 September 2023
  • Revised 21 September 2023
Walt Disney World Resort is located in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, Florida - right beside Orlando. With this in mind, you may take the usual approach and plan your holiday for the city you will be staying in. Yet spanning a vast 43 square miles - an area roughly equivalent to Greater Manchester and San Francisco - Disney World itself resembles a sprawling metropolis, making tailored planning and packing vital.

Dive into the details of how to craft your ideal Disney holiday below. Then, simply tell us your Disney dreams and our bespoke Walt Disney World holiday packages will take care of everything else...

What to Pack for Disney World

Apart from your passion for magic and childlike excitement, there are a few more essentials to include in your Disney packing list. Given that you'll be on the move most of the day, it's crucial to select attire that can withstand hours of walking, waiting, and enjoying rides, under the glorious yet sometimes challenging sunshine. 

Other than the sanctuary of indoor and air-conditioned restaurants, finding shade is a rare commodity in Disney parks, so sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses are mandatory - even in winter months! To ensure you stay comfortably cool, choose lightweight clothing. To keep your valuables dry on water rides, opt for a waterproof backpack. And remember to keep your mobile phone, wallet, and any other essentials securely stored in your bag to prevent them from falling out on a rollercoaster. This backpack also comes in useful for bringing a rain jacket or waterproof poncho with you. Even if it's not a rainy day, water rides like Kali River Rapids at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park and Frozen Ever After at EPCOT can leave you drenched!

We also strongly recommend adding a water bottle to your backpack. We all know staying hydrated throughout the day is essential, but the spontaneous nature of traversing theme parks can catch you out. For example, if you decide you want one more go on a rollercoaster despite there being an hour's wait time, that water bottle comes in handier than ever. Plus, you can easily refill your water bottle at the various water stations within the park, saving you from spending extra money on bottled water.

Lastly, consider packing a compact phone charger to ensure you capture every enchanting moment!

Can You Take a Selfie Stick to Disney World?

Unfortunately, selfie sticks are not allowed at Walt Disney World, yet this restriction is in place for valid safety reasons, ensuring rides remain safe and visitors stay aware of their surroundings. 

The good news, though, is you won't face any difficulty in finding friendly fellow parkgoers who would be more than happy to help you capture a picture-perfect moment. After all, Disney World is the most visited theme park across the globe and people at the park are often on the lookout for a kind soul to take their picture. So we're sure they'd gladly return the favour for you!

On another note, it's important to be aware that certain items, such as drones, folding chairs, and suitcases, are also on the list of prohibited items at Disney World.

Can You Take Umbrellas into Disney World?

Florida's subtropical weather is known for its afternoon shows, particularly in the summer months, so packing an umbrella into your Disney bag is a sensible idea. As you don’t want to walk around the park with a large brolly, it’s best to choose one that is compact and won’t add too much weight to your bag. Nevertheless, if you want to keep your hands free, a waterproof poncho is still the answer.

What to Wear in Disney World

Now that you've got your loose-fitting and lightweight attire sorted, let's talk about your footwear choices. Be sure to wear your most comfortable, well-worn pair of sneakers at Walt Disney World. We know, glamorous pictures are important, but you'll be immensely grateful for this choice when you're standing in line for extended periods. And rest assured, Disney World's highly sought-after rides like Avatar Flight of Passage in Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park and Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom are well worth the wait.

Top tip: If you happen to buy trainers from one of Orlando's numerous outlet stores, it's still advisable to break them in before your Disney visit to prevent any discomfort or blisters.

Does Disney Have a Dress Code?

In short, yes, Disney does have a dress code in place for parkgoers. So, what exactly does this entail? Essentially, it means that you should wear clothing that is not excessively revealing and free from obscene language or questionable prints, as Disney is committed to maintaining a family-friendly environment. For safety considerations, Disney also prohibits clothing that is overly distressed with multiple rips and tears, as well as any attire that may touch or drag along the ground. 

Can Adults Dress Up at Disney World?

Children under the age of 14 are welcome to wear masks and costumes when visiting Disney. However, for those above this age, Disney typically does not permit costumes and masks. There is an exception to this rule during certain special events held throughout the year, such as Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas, where dressing up is encouraged, and exceptions are made.

Moreover, while aspiring cosmic warriors might not be able to wear full Star Wars capes and costumes, they do have the opportunity to create a Batuu-inspired outfit through a practice known as bounding. This involves putting together an ensemble using regular clothing items that capture the essence and look of a character, including those from Star Wars Batuu, allowing fans to showcase their favourite characters in a unique and fashion-forward way.

Can You Wear Crop Tops at Disney World?

Yes, you can wear crop tops at Disney World; however, it's essential to be mindful of the top's length. Your crop top should not be overly short or revealing, and it should maintain an appropriate and modest appearance suitable for a family-friendly environment.

Can You Wear Flip Flops at Disney World?

Although it's technically permissible to wear flip-flops at Walt Disney World, it might not be the most practical choice. Given the substantial amount of walking required between rides, attractions, and different park areas, opting for flip-flops is not the most foot-friendly decision. They lack the cushioned support that sneakers or trainers provide, making them less comfortable for an extended day of exploration at the park.

Can You Wear Crocs at Disney World?

Indeed, you are allowed to wear Crocs at Walt Disney World, however, there are certain restricted areas within the park where they are not permitted. Specifically, you won't be able to utilise the escalators if you're sporting foam footwear like Crocs. This precautionary measure is in place due to past incidents involving these shoes. Because Crocs are made of soft and spongy material, they can become caught in the serrated edges of escalators, posing a significant safety risk to both the wearer and those in close proximity.

Can You Park at Disney World?

You can park at Walt Disney World, in a range of large parking bays near Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. There is a fee to park for the day, with varying rates depending on whether you opt for standard parking, preferred parking, or parking for oversized vehicles. If you happen to be staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you will enjoy the convenience of complimentary standard theme park parking as one of the perks.

Now that you have the low-down on Disney, browse our Walt Disney World Holidays 2024 & 2025 to find the perfect ticket to adventure.

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