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The ins and outs of car hire in Orlando

  • By Sam Taylor
  • Published 15 April 2014
  • Revised 18 March 2016
The ins and outs of car hire in Orlando
  • By Sam Taylor
  • Published 15 April 2014
  • Revised 18 March 2016
The ins and outs of car hire in Orlando
  • By Sam Taylor
  • Published 15 April 2014
  • Revised 18 March 2016
 1. How old do you have to be to drive in Orlando? (Claire, Birmingham)

To hire a car in Orlando, the majority of rental agencies will only do this for visitors aged 25 and over. However some companies will allow drivers as young as 21 to rent a car but will charge a $10 or $20 per day underage fee.

2. What are the best rental companies out there? (Thomas, Manchester)

We would always recommend that you rent your car with a trusted company so you can be sure you are fully protected. Companies such as Alamo are always a safe bet.

3. Where do I pick my car up from the airport? (Kieran, London)

When you land in the States, after collecting your luggage follow the signs to the car hire area of the airport, here all hire companies are clearly signed, simply present your documentations and continue on with your journey.

4. What can I expect from an American car? (Yasmin, Dundee)

All American cars are left hand drive, with the majority being automatic. You can also expect your car to be considerably larger in size, with popular brands being Ford, Chevrolet and Honda.

5. Is driving in the States different to the UK? (John, Sheffield)

The short answer is yes. Firstly you will be driving on the right hand side of the road, as well as being able to turn right at a red light, which can take some getting used to. You will find that although your car is larger, so are the roads and parking spaces, which in our opinion actually makes driving easier here than in the UK.

Car hire

6. What are the petrol prices like? (Cara, Edinburgh)

You will be pleased to know that filling up your car in the states is considerably cheaper than the UK and Europe (hence the larger vehicles). Currently a litre will cost you approximately 60p, depending on what ‘gas station’ you refuel at.

7. What are the speed limits? (Jo, Bristol)

Speed limits in the states are almost identical to the UK, although drivers rarely exceed the maximum. This is largely because speeding is enforced much more than in the UK, so we strongly recommend that you follow the laws here very closely.

8. Are there toll roads in America? (Marc, Exeter)

Similar to driving in Europe, America also has toll roads. Usually this will cost you only a matter of dollars, so it’s advisable to always have some lose change in your car at all times to cover these costs.

9. Where do I return my car to? (Stacey, London)

Usually this will be at the airport you depart home from, which will be clearly specified at the time of your car hire booking. There are numerous dropping off points to choose from to make this process as convenient for you as possible.

10. What would your top tip be when hiring a car in America? (Lucy, Essex)

We strongly recommend using Alamo to benefit from their quick service kiosk. This entails basically no queuing time and you will have your car keys in a matter of minutes so you can begin your holiday early.

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