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Florida Keys: Dockside Dolphin Experience, Duck Key

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Florida Keys: Dockside Dolphin Experience, Duck Key
Ocean Rating
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Perfect For
Families| Couples| Children| Adults
  • Dockside Interaction with Dolphins
  • Educational & Perfect for Families
  • Photographic Memories to Keep

The Florida Keys: Dockside Dolphin Experience offers a captivating blend of education and playfulness, providing an enchanting encounter with these charismatic marine mammals. 

Before meeting the dolphins, a brief yet fascinating educational session unfolds, offering insights into their world, conservation efforts, and behavioral intricacies. It's akin to a backstage pass, providing a deeper understanding of these incredible creatures.

On the dry training docks, participants engage in playful interactions with friendly and curious dolphins. From feeding them to sharing smiles, the experience offers a close-up view of their intelligence against the backdrop of the shimmering turquoise waters.

Participants also receive a mini demonstration on proper hand placements for various dolphin behaviours - an opportunity to learn the marine world's secret handshake and form a delightful bond with these creatures.

Talented photographers capture every magical moment.. These snapshots, whether of a playful leap or the sparkle in participants' eyes, become cherished memories to be shared with friends and family.

Ideal for families with young children, this 30-minute meet-and-greet provides a splash-proof alternative to deep-water swims. Kids get to experience the gentle presence of dolphins, leaving hearts brimming with wonder. The Dockside Dolphin Experience combines education, interaction, and photographic memories for an unforgettable encounter with these majestic marine mammals.

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