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Floridas Best Fried Chicken

  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 28 January 2016
  • Revised 18 March 2016
Floridas Best Fried Chicken
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 28 January 2016
  • Revised 18 March 2016
Floridas Best Fried Chicken
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 28 January 2016
  • Revised 18 March 2016

Warning! The following content may make your mouth-water and youre stomach rumble. Floridas Best Fried Chicken has always been a sought after phenomenon for many locals and tourists…rightly so, its important! Some people can argue until their blue in the face about who does the best fried chicken. From fast-food chains like KFC to mainstream restaurants, everyone has their favourite. You might be surprised to know that certain places in Florida serve up some sublime variations of fried chicken, with their own unique blend of herbs, spices and side dishes.

If youre brave enough, keep reading to find which restaurants made the cut in our prestigious list of top 5 places to find Floridas Best Fried Chicken...you wont be disappointed.

Angels Soul Food


Starting our list with a bang is Angels Soul Food in Mount Dora. Celebrated for serving incredible comfort-food and succulent chicken, Angels Soul Food is a paradise for those who love the taste of home-cooked meals. All dinners include rice or mashed potatoes, a butter sweet corn bread muffin and your choice of two sides.  The sides are never an after thought and compliment the mains effortlessly.

The Coop


Offering comfort food classics made from scratch along with unparalleled hospitality, The Coop is a Winter Park neighbourhood restaurant that celebrates the home-style fare of the South. Tuck into recipes passed down through generations and enjoy seasonal ingredients that join together to form the iconic dishes, loved throughout Florida. The Southern fried chicken is the star of the show, falling effortlessly off the bone and melting delicately in your mouth.

Hash House A Go Go


How does sage fried chicken with a bacon waffle, crowned with fried leeks sound? Amazing ? We know. Keeping the fun in food and putting a twist on old recipes, Hash House A Go Go delivers a unique dining experience with fantastic service throughout the day. People come from all over to grab a bite of their crispy fried chicken and twisted farm food. The combination of fried chicken and waffle is incredible and needs to be tasted.

 Nikkis Place


What all fried chicken aspires to be, Nikkis Place serves some of the best chicken in all of America, the meat is always juicy and and the coating is always crispy and golden. The beacon of authentic soul food in Orlando since the late 90s, Nikkis Places hand battered or baked chicken demands to be experienced. Falling in the gold standard category of fried chicken,  we couldnt recommend Nikkis Place enough.

 Chef Eddies


Renowned as one of the best places around for fried chicken, Chef Eddies knows a thing or two about dishing up some serious flavour. Chicken is their specialty and combining it with waffles is second-nature. The chicken has been on top form for over 20 years now  and those looking for a variety have come to the right place. Serving a feast on your plate, you can combine your chicken with 10 different flavours of waffles including plain, red velvet, banana walnut, chocolate chip, apple cinnamon, sweet potato, strawberry, blueberry, butter pecan and the BIG berry mix.


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