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Orlando Villas with Awesome Themed Bedrooms

  • By Tammy van der Westhuizen
  • Published 25 August 2022
  • Revised 31 August 2023
Orlando Villas with Awesome Themed Bedrooms
  • By Tammy van der Westhuizen
  • Published 25 August 2022
  • Revised 31 August 2023
Orlando Villas with Awesome Themed Bedrooms
  • By Tammy van der Westhuizen
  • Published 25 August 2022
  • Revised 31 August 2023
What springs to mind when I mention Orlando? Many magical attractions, I bet. But whilst the city is one of Florida’s most popular cities for many reasons, there's one uniting theme: reliving our childhood dreams!

And after a day of Disney rides or wildlife adventures, why not return to an accommodation that's young at heart, too? Check out our list of the most awesomely themed villas Orlando has to offer - all available via Ocean Florida...

Reunion Resort

Located a stone’s throw from Disney World, Reunion Resort offers an array of themed roomed villas. From Disney classics to retro games and cult hits, take your pick of our finely selected rooms. 

Ocean 736

You’d be forgiven for believing you’ve been transported into a Marvel movie scene here. The low-lit, dark-painted room contrasts with the pops of fluorescent installations. A luminous Hulk flexes his muscles as he tries to break free from captivity, while a mural of Ironman rushes to protect someone from harm.

This room is sure to spark some imaginative superhero role-play. And once the kids tire of saving the world, they can sit back on and turn on the flat-screen telly. Even superheroes deserve a break once in a while.

Ocean 678

Fancy a bit of nature and the countryside? Well, bring the outdoors indoors in this rustic bedroom. Decked in forested wallpaper and artificial grass floor, you’ll be fooled into thinking you can smell the fresh mountain air. 

A little log cabin on stilts disguises itself as a twin bunk. And yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you; that is a tree framing the log house with its foliage. Albeit a fake tree, its lifelike appearance is enough to feel lost in the woods. 

With fairy lights adorned on the leaves, the kids will beg for lights out for the dreamy ambience. The wooden furnishings add the finishing touches to this wilderness camp. 

Ocean 763

Whimsical, enchanting, and captivating beyond words. Inspired by the Disney hit Encanto, this room replicates the floral infusion chamber of Maribel’s sister, Isabella. If you want to watch your kids’ jaws hit the floor, this is the painted pastel room for you.

The magical Casa Madrigal is actually a twin bunk! You have to see it to believe it. The double-story, ice-cream-coloured mansion has stone-like steps leading up to the top bunk. Decked in beautiful bunches of bright flowers, the house is a work of art.

Wait, there is more... a swing is another quirky feature of this room. Picture your little one pretending they’re Isabella, swaying in the delightful and abundant floral kingdom.

Ocean 710

Advance into this fantastical world of Avatar Abundance. Consistent reminders that you haven’t left the realm of this orbit are, in fact, necessary. Especially, as the mural of pointed pinnacles peaking above the foggy realm is so convincing

The low green lighting also adds a wild, remote element, highlighting the rough timbered artwork that shields the bunks. Once in bed, blue lighting shines in the cove, feeling like you’re sleeping out in the open under the stars. 

Ocean 701

Sleeping under the stars is great, but do you ever wish you were amongst them? This galactic space-themed room is fit for a Jedi. And what’s a bit of saving the galaxy without a bit of fun? An enclosed spiral slide runs from the top bunk, ensuring you speedily report to the rebellion. 

The top bunks replicate space capsules, doused in silver paint for a steely aesthetic. With enough Star Wars imagery to inspire mass recruitment, the room also features a flat-screen TV and R2D2 bean bag furnishings.

Ocean 758

A trip on the Hogwarts Express is a rite of passage if your child has received their Hogwarts Acceptance Letter. Dumbledore performed his magic by transforming the double bunk into a Hogwarts steam engine.

Fear not; the Hogwarts Express is still stationed at Platform 9¾ and hasn't left the terminus. Decorated in Gryffindor's burgundy and yellow colours, the room resembles King's Cross' concealed platform. And to avoid any last-minute frenzies, a caged owl sits on the luggage-themed dresser as the accompanying pet at Hogwarts.

Encore Resort

In the heart of Kissimmee, the hub for villas is Encore Resort. Like Reunion Resort, Encore wields an eclectic mix of themed rooms that will amaze both kids and adults alike! 

Ocean 559

Do you want to build a snowman? Unfortunately, Florida is not the prime destination for frosty snow-building activities. But, this icy blue Frozen-themed room will make you feel you've been planted in the freezing Arctic.

The room's centrepiece is a regal ice palace fit for a princess from any climate. While most kids fight for the top bunk, the bottom bunk is highly appealing. Entirely closed off with only a pentagonal castle door cut out, the inside room has moody blue lighting convincing you that blue blood may just run through your veins.

A pearly light blue slide is fixed from the top bunk for a quick exit once your knight in shining armour arrives at the party. With frosty murals of milky snow, shiny icicles, and deep blue glaciers, it's not hard to imagine a blizzard approaching subtropical Florida.

Ocean 444

While all the above are themed bedrooms, adults can now partake in fun with this retro 1970s American diner-themed games room. Fitted with shiny vinyl chessboard floors, vintage adverts, and a ruby red colour scheme, travel back in time to this vibrant burger joint.

Play a round of ping pong or score a string of goals playing foosball. You can sip a soda on the Coca-Cola-branded diner stools between games. Some more entertainment extends to the upstairs game room. Give your thumbs a workout on the gaming console and wrestle with the puck on the air hockey machine.

Solterra Resort

A bit further from Disney World than Reunion and Encore, yet still quite accessible, is Solterra Resort. Set amongst many lakes, Solterra Resort offers some quiet away from Disney’s hustle and bustle. 

Ocean 778

You may need to compromise with the kids on who bags this room. Jump into the land of Super Mario of red levelling-up mushrooms, golden blocks, and dotted warp pipes. A 360° twisting slide connects the top bunk to the floor. Resist the urge to jump from pillar to post as you enter Mario’s magical adventure land room.

Don’t hesitate to book an awesome themed bedroom before it becomes unavailable.  And click here to check out our full list of family-friendly Florida villas.

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