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Know Your Surroundings: Where is Champions Gate In Florida?

  • By Christopher da Costa
  • Published 27 February 2024
  • Revised 29 February 2024
Know Your Surroundings: Where is Champions Gate In Florida?
  • By Christopher da Costa
  • Published 27 February 2024
  • Revised 29 February 2024
Know Your Surroundings: Where is Champions Gate In Florida?
  • By Christopher da Costa
  • Published 27 February 2024
  • Revised 29 February 2024
As a holiday destination, Florida can have a magnetic pull. Just the mention of Florida could bring to your mind various appealing images — like those of theme parks and beautiful beaches, not to mention the consistent brightness that has led Florida to be nicknamed ‘the Sunshine State’. 

There remains, however, the question of what holiday accommodation you ought to reserve for your Florida stay. Ideally, you want somewhere that would let you swiftly travel to most or all of the tourist attractions on the itinerary for your trip. 

We at Ocean Florida can assist you in booking that accommodation. For example, Brits intrigued by Florida beaches can time-effectively sample those of Clearwater, Fort Myers and Miami as a result of asking our experienced team to arrange multi centre holidays in 2024.

What if you are more interested in theme parks? There are plenty of them in Florida — and you would be able to reach them with particular ease from any of the Champions Gate villas in Florida’s Greater Orlando metropolitan area. 

Where exactly in Greater Orlando is Champions Gate?

Did the name ‘Greater Orlando’ ring a bell for you? Either way, this Central Florida area encompasses the cities of Orlando, Kissimmee and Sanford — and is even known as the ‘Orlando—Kissimmee—Sanford, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area’ in the US Census.  

As this is one of Florida’s largest metropolitan areas, you could be sullenly anticipating a ‘needle-in-a-haystack’ situation in your attempts to physically get to Champions Gate. 

Thankfully, however, the task wouldn’t necessarily be this tricky. It certainly helps that, though Champions Gate can be described as a resort, it can feel much more like a city in terms of its size and significance. For a start, the entire resort site is approximately 1,500 acres!

This all helps to explain why Champions Gate is well-connected to many other parts of Florida by road, since it obviously wouldn’t be in the interest of the resort for it to be hard to reach. After all, many of the people trying to reach it might not be too familiar with Florida in general. 

Champions Gate is to the south of Kissimmee and north of Davenport — a city which, despite its very small size by the usual city standards in Florida, remains near the major Interstate Highway referred to as Interstate 4, or ‘I-4’ for short.  

How Interstate 4 can lead you to Champions Gate 

As Interstate 4 stretches about 132 miles from the southwest to the northeast but is also entirely within Florida’s borders, you could find yourself often travelling along I-4 when journeying from one place to another in the Sunshine State.

You are welcome to contact us for advice on how Interstate 4 would be able to ease excursions you take to many of the best-known attractions near Champions Gate. For example, you could call Ocean Florida on 0203 9931 749 to speak to an expert about Walt Disney World today

The lengthy, almost coast-to-coast I-4 route can also prove key to you arriving at Champions Gate — whether for the first time or when you return from visiting somewhere else in Florida.

Reassuringly, Champions Gate is only 28 miles away from Orlando International Airport — and a car transfer between these two points can last merely 33 minutes.

If you will be driving yourself from the airport to Champions Gate, just follow signs directing you to I-4 West before you take Exit 58 to bring yourself to the resort’s main entrance. 

In fact, this exit — Exit 58 — is the same you will take to come to Champions Gate regardless of the direction from which you arrive.

When arriving from a northern, southern or eastern Florida area, follow the above-mentioned instructions that apply to arriving from the airport. 

If you are set to come to Champions Gate from the west of Florida instead, the only difference in your journey is that it will entail you pursuing I-4 East before leaving at — yes — Exit 58.

An effective way to prepare your Champions Gate stay 

Many UK residents looking to embark on Florida holidays in 2024 can benefit from first using our website to browse a varied selection of holiday villas available to rent in this tropical US state.

If you have already decided on a Champions Gate villa or a different one in Florida we enable you to reserve as part of a great-value package holiday, you can proceed to get in touch with us to book your Florida villa today!

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