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Top 10 Dining Spots in Kissimmee

  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 05 December 2016
  • Revised 10 January 2017
Top 10 Dining Spots in Kissimmee
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 05 December 2016
  • Revised 10 January 2017
Top 10 Dining Spots in Kissimmee
  • By Christian Armond
  • Published 05 December 2016
  • Revised 10 January 2017
Kissimmee and food go hand-in-hand. Culminating flavours from all 4 corners of the world, Kissimmee showcases the very best of International cuisine with ease, thanks to a collection of fine dining establishments and unique restaurants.

Kissimmee is huge, larger than you might think! And theres plenty of places to visit to grab a delicious bite to eat. From Indian, Japanese and Thai to Greek, Italian and authentic American, choice is something you wont find a problem.

To save you some valuable time, weve decided to list the very best of the best, the restaurants that feature the best food, service and experience imaginable, so you dont miss out on a thing.

Heres our picks for the 10 best dining spots in Kissimmee...

1 - Savions Place

One of Downtown Kissimmees most popular spots, Savions Place offers a unique mix of Caribbean island-inspired food with a twist of American flavours. Signature dishes include  jambalaya, tostones bowls and a delicious pork ribeye served with sweet potato mash.

2 - Eleven

Said to be Kissimmees best-kept secret. Eleven (located in Reunion Resort) channels the perfect balance of inviting steakhouse with fine dining flair. Undoubtedly not a secret for long, Eleven offers fancy starters, incredible mains and delicious desserts. Our pick is the 12 ounce prime New York strip steak, utterly mouth-watering and well worth the trip alone.

3 - El Tenampa

Located just off US 192, El Tenampa is the only place to go for a taste of Mexico. Sure, there are other places, but nowhere offers authentic Mexican flavours quite as good. From delicious tacos, to out-of-this-world nachos with all the trimmings on top, El Tenampa takes you from Kissimmee to Mexico, in a sublime and mouth-watering way.

4 - Woodbys Cafe

Living by the motto "good food and plenty of it" Woodbys Cafe serves a menu of award-winning breakfasts and lunchtime treats that will definitely tame a hungry belly or two. Voted the Best Breakfast in the Country in 2014, Woodbys Cafe does breakfast the way it should be done, with enormous pancakes, gigantic omelettes and everything else in between.

5 - Dine with Shamu

Get ready to enjoy one of the most immersive and enjoyable dining experiences around. Dine with Shamu at SeaWorld lets you enjoy a delicious menu of seasonal dishes at your very own, reserved poolside table. Nowhere else will you find such a memorable family experience. Learn about the amazing creatures that inhabit SeaWorld while tucking into incredible dishes. Go behind-the-scenes and connect with the world of SeaWorld like never before!

6 - King O Falafel

Serving incredible food since the day it opened, King O Falafel is the place to go for a taste of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fare. Casual, hip and relaxing, King O Falafel is one of Central Floridas trendiest places to eat and has a seemingly endless menu of treats and delights.  Come for the atmosphere, stay for the chicken tikka.

7 - Brunos Italian Restaurant

Where else in the world offers a collection of unique and varied dishes than Italy? Its hard to imagine a world without pasta, pizza or lasagna but its even harder to bring an authentic taste of Italy to another country. Brunos Italian Restaurant manages to do just that, and oh boy are we thankful! Firstly theres the chunky meatballs with that delicious sauce, then theres the creamy shrimp Alfredo and not forgetting the pizzas! Oh the pizzas! With every topping you can imagine, Brunos Italian Restaurant delivers hands-down some of the best pizzas in the world. That statement alone must warrant a visit right?

8 - Moor

This list wouldnt be complete without a restaurant that tackles the challenge of seafood. Moor not only takes that challenge, but it spins it on its head and offers an extensive menu of seafood dishes thatll knock your socks off. Ensuring each dish is full of Floridian flavour and ingredients are locally sourced, Moor is an example of how to offer the very best in tasty, healthy food.

9 - El Tapito

Cosy, casual and full of life. Thats just one way of describing El Tapito. With focus on offering an authentic environment as important as the food, El Tapito tackles the spirit of Mexico perfectly while delivering a collection of dishes that leave you wanting more. Standout dishes include cheese-topped pork tamales, shrimp cocktail and plenty of authentic drinks to wash it all down with.

10 - M&Ms Cafe

Not to be mistaken with the chocolate confectionery of the same name, M&Ms Cafe is actually a renowned restaurant that specialises in authentic Dominican eats and Latin American dishes. With a menu that features homemade treats that include lemon-garlic infused tilapisa fillets and fried pork, its easy to fall in love with the homely feel of M&Ms cafe. Everything is delivered with love and care and youll leave feeling satisfied and full of a new-found love for Latin American cuisine.


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