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Windsor Palms Villa Resort for Families: A Comprehensive Review 

  • By Christopher da Costa
  • Published 08 January 2024
  • Revised 09 January 2024
Windsor Palms Villa Resort for Families: A Comprehensive Review 
  • By Christopher da Costa
  • Published 08 January 2024
  • Revised 09 January 2024
Windsor Palms Villa Resort for Families: A Comprehensive Review 
  • By Christopher da Costa
  • Published 08 January 2024
  • Revised 09 January 2024
When you think of Florida, a lot of things may immediately spring to your mind — like consistently warm weather, a vibrant, cosmopolitan vibe and world-renowned theme parks. However, did you know that you can enjoy all of those even just in the Orlando metropolitan area?

If you have a partner and kids, they could also join you for the ride — and that doesn’t have to be just a metaphorical expression. Imagine all of you hopping onto a ride at Walt Disney World Resort or the nearby, similarly iconic cultural hub Universal Orlando Resort

Both places can be on the doorstep when you book a stay at one of the many holiday villas in the local area. Detailed below are several compelling reasons why you ought to seriously consider Windsor Palms as a villa location for your family trip to Florida.

You and the kids could easily visit Mickey Mouse 

As every child dreams of Walt Disney World, it’s certainly a big plus that it — complete with a wealth of rides suitable even for kids aged under 10 — lies within five miles of Windsor Palms Villa Resort.

You can even take shuttle transport between the two sites — and, from Mickey Mouse’s Floridan stamping ground, it can take just 20 minutes to reach Universal Orlando Resort, as it is only about 10 miles away. That leaves ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ within easy reach. 

The whole family can enjoy a ‘home from home’ 

You might be in the habit of booking a hotel for when you want to go on holiday. However, there is one especially good reason why we are looking forward to helping families embark on villa holidays to Florida in 2024: a villa can feel like ‘yours’ in a way a hotel room probably never could. 

A holiday villa is essentially rented accommodation that emulates a residential property and so would enable you to embrace many familiar comforts typically associated with one. A villa can even feel more luxurious than your actual, permanent home. 

A single Windsor Palms villa can contain as many bedrooms as you have close family members, as well as a flatscreen TV, a games room, a pool table, and WiFi access. You can also have access to a private pool and swim a few laps there as part of a broader fitness routine.

Comforting privacy awaits at Windsor Palms 

Of course, you are entitled to do pretty much what you want in your own home — and this benefit is carried over to villa life as well. 

You don’t have to worry too much about how loudly you play music in a Windsor Palms villa or what you wear while, say, tucking into some marshmallows in an open-air part of the property. 

As each Windsor Palms villa is very much its own, self-contained retreat, you can also eagerly anticipate having peace and quiet as and when you want. Sounds of rowdy parties, for example, at any of the resort’s other villas are unlikely to be audible at the villa where you stay.

The family can have regular movie nights at the resort cinema 

That cinema can seat as many as 58 people at once — and screens a wide range of films, including blockbusters, recent releases, and child-friendly animated features, on a nightly basis. 

Before you head down to the Windsor Palms cinema room with the kids in tow, it would be wise for the group of you to first stop at the onsite clubhouse, where the cinema’s film schedule is on display. 

The local area offers plenty of useful amenities and resources

One major advantage of holidaying in a popular, bustling area is that you are unlikely to have to wait too long for essential supplies and urgent assistance as and when you need them. 

The Orlando area is no exception — but even within the boundaries of Windsor Palms Villa Resort itself, you can easily fetch snacks, coffee and pizza from a sundry shop or rent a bike with which you would be able to make quick visits locally.

We have long known that Florida is the perfect holiday destination for many families — and we even have our own Orlando-based team ready on a 24/7 basis to help any family on an Orlando holiday booked with Ocean Florida. 

You will be able to have the reassuring safety net of this support team at close hand after using the Ocean Florida website to arrange a stay at Windsor Palms Villa Resort.

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