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What are the current COVID-19 rules for entering the USA?

Since May 12th 2023 the rules regarding COVID-19 have been relaxed. You no longer need to provide evidence of vaccination. 

There are no quarantine requirements in the US anymore, and although tests 3-5 days after arrival are recommended, they are not mandatory.

See the latest information on COVID-19 rules here

Concise information about all aspects of planning to travel can be found here: https://www.ocean-florida.co.uk/preparing-to-travel/ 

Is everything open as usual? 

In short, yes! All parks and facilities are back to normal. 

Do I have to wear a mask? 

Masks are not required on flights, nor while traveling in the USA. However, as always this is a personal choice, so if you feel safer with a mask you are free to wear one. 

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