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How can I make flying more comfortable for my baby?

If you can, encourage your baby to drink during take off and landing. The swallowing action when they’re drinking will help them to equalise their ears.

Can I take wet wipes on the plane?

Yes, these don’t count as liquids. 

Can I take my child’s pushchair to the gate?

Yes – pushchairs, prams and buggies are all absolutely fine. Just bear in mind you may need to lift your child out so that they can be searched thoroughly at security.

Can I buy Formula milk in the shops after security?

You can – but it’s safest to pack as much baby milk/food as you need for your whole journey. Remember your babies milk might not be available in the country you are traveling to, and changes to milk can cause upset tummies.  

Are baby food jars allowed on the plane?

Yes, but please let one of the security officers know. Baby food doesn’t need to go in your plastic bag but it does need to be screened separately. This is the case for pureed baby food in plastic containers too.

Can I take liquid Ibuprofen & Paracetamol in my hand luggage?

Yes but you do have to stick to the liquid size rule of 100ml. 

Can I take breast milk / milk through security?

Yes, you certainly can. The quantity is restricted though; in your hand luggage, you can take up to 2000ml of breast milk / sterilsed water, but your baby must be present when you do so. However, you can’t take frozen milk through.

Can I take a pushchair, pram or buggy on the plane?

In most cases you will be able to take your child’s pushchair, pram or buggy to the departure gate, or even right up to the aircraft door. Please note that your child might need to come out of the buggy for a while when you go through security checks and the buggy might be checked separately. However, it’s wise to check the arrangements for carrying pushchairs onto the aircraft and returning them afterwards with the particular airline you will be flying with as they all have slightly different rules. 

Can I fly when pregnant?

Each airline has different rules on how many weeks pregnant you can be when you fly. Most airlines allow flying up to 27 weeks of pregnancy but please check with the airline you are flying with first, as some airlines require a doctors note which you will need to get in advance of your trip. 

For further information please visit the website of the airline you are traveling with:

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